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Unicorn digital alarm clock with radio for kids

best unicorn clock

(About This Item)


(Unicorn digital alarm clock with radio)


Unicorn digital alarm clock Has a radio which you can use for your kid. You can play music on it to make your kid busy with it and you can complete your work. You can play the food recipes radio channel. So, your children will learn about the food recipes from their childhood.

(Smooth alarm)


With its alarm voice, your kid will never feel burdened to wake up. Because its voice is very sweet and adjustable. Other alarm clocks have a noise that an adult will shock at once. So, this smooth alarm clock is best for your children.

(Unicorn alarm clock with impressive Design)


Its design is a beautiful unicorn. It is said that a unicorn is a magical creature and this is part of Mythology and Folklore for centuries. His body is a horse and he has a horn. Unicorn is very famous in movies and cartoon series. This clock has a Unicorn sound which you can play through the button. It has a special feature and that is the glowing of the unicorn. The adults and kids, boys and girls all like him. So, this clock is impressive for kids.

(Unicorn digital alarm clock is Easy to use)


This unicorn alarm clock digital is very easy and simple to use even your kid can stop the alarm. To stop the alarm just press on the top of the unicorn or clock. It has a snooze function and it works with 3 AA batteries. Its dimensions are 13.5 x 9 x 18.2 (H) cm. So, this clock is easy than other clocks. 

Best unicorn clock for kids

(Unicorn digital alarm clock is Useful for kids)


People can force themselves to get up for school, college, or office but they cannot force themselves to wake up in their childhood. If you give this clock to your kids then he/she will play with it as a toy and become its friend. So, when the alarm starts then your kid will wake up easily.

(Best gift for a kid)


If you want to give a gift to someone, you should choose a gift according to his age. If you’re going to provide a gift for the kid then you should choose this. Because this is a beautiful unicorn design clock. It has many features which are useful and impressive for kids. So, this clock is the best gift for a kid.

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