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sleep training alarm clock for kids with face expressions and lights

best sleep training clock for kids

(About This Item)


(Sleep training clock)


Sleep training alarm clock is made by the Windflyer brand. This cock has the different features of a little teddi such as the different colors of light and facial expressions. This branded clock is very best for kids.  Because its expressions of sleep or wake-up are very easy to understand for kids. So, this clock is the best sleep trainer for your kid.

(1-year Warranty)


This best sleep training clock for toddlers comes with a 1-year warranty service and a promise to reply within 24 hours. The wind flyer is always here for your help.

(How it works)


It has 4 modes such as sleep, wake, plays, and nap. 

(Sleep mode)


This trainer clock will show the sleepy face every night in sleep mode. It has 4 sleep modes that allow you to select whether the light and sound will turn on automatically or not. So, you can select anyone. All night its sleepy face will stay and when the kid looks at it he/she will know that little teddi is still sleeping, so, they should sleep too. 



This clock has play mode which you can enable. The play mode glows pale green light and shows a winky eye for the time period of 0 to 90 mins. Your kid will play with this clock and will not disturb you when you are busy is work. So, this will make your kid busy.



In the wake-up mode, every morning show a smiley face and glow green light, So, with it, your kid will understand that this time to wake up. The green light and smiley face still show by this clock for hours until your kid wakes up.



This clock also has a nap mode which you can use if you want. The nap time durations are 15, 30, 90, and 180. So, you can select any nap time duration.

best sleep training clock for kid

(Sleep training alarm clock with all features)


A trainer alarm clock should have some important features such as ease of understanding for kids, light, and sound. Not all clocks have these features. But this clock has that features. It has the 4 sleep mode and you can select the features that the sound or light will auto turn on at night. This clock has the color of a night light and 4 sleep sounds and with these features, you can make a soothing environment. The night light, LEC display, and facial expressions are dimmable. So, you can dimm its light at night.

(sleep training alarm clock with panel lock)


Your kid cannot change its settings while playing with it. Because its panel is only unlocked when pressing the lock button for a long. So, its settings are safe from curious little hands. Its setting will not disturb the electric shortage. Because it has a built-in battery which saves its settings in the shortage of electricity. So, its settings are save in every situation.

(sleep training alarm clock is Safe)


This clock is safe for kids with ABS and silicone and this clock is approved by the RoHS, FCC, and CE. So, this shows that this clock is safe for your kid. It is specially made for the kids to play with it and to learn from it about the time of sleep and wake up. So, your kid has no danger from this device.

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