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LittleHippo mella ok to wake clock for kids

best littlehippo clock

(About This Item)


(Beautiful Design)


LittleHippo Mella has a beautiful design. Its design is modern and beautiful which makes it popular. When someone looks at it then he tries to buy it. The children’s things should be beautiful and it is beautiful. This mella littlehippo clock is a toy. So, you can buy it for your kid.

(Teach your children about sleep time)


 Mella is the best clock to teach your children when the time to bed and wake up. Because it uses facial expressions and colors to teach kids. Mella glows the yellow light for half an hour before time to wake up. When the time to wake up then Mella will turn on the green light. Very soon this becomes the habit of your kid to sleep and wake up according to the Mella. So, your kid will easily learn when is best to sleep and wake up.

(Durable and safe)


The kid’s things should be durable because kids like to throw things. Durable things will not break by one time throw and the buyer will not face loss. Mella is a durable clock in all respects. The kid’s things should be safe. As everyone knows that kid bites everything. So, don’t give them any harmful things. Mella has safe ABS and silicone and it is approved by the CE, FCC, RoHS, CA65, CPSIA, and REACH. So, this clock is safe and durable in all respects.

(LittleHippo mella is Perfect clock)


Some ok to wake clocks have features that are best for kids and don’t have a beautiful design. Other ok to wake clocks have beautiful designs and don’t have the features. But the Mella clock has both features. This little hippo alarm clock has a beautiful design with the best features. So, this clock is perfect in all respects.

(LittleHippo mella is ALL-IN-ONE)


To soothe your child to sleep, Mella has features such as five-night light colors and three sleep sound options. It also has three-alarm sounds. Its features make it best than the other ok to wake clocks. So, this clock has best features than the other ones.

(LittleHippo mella is Best as a gift)


You should give only useful things as a gift and If you want to give a gift to a kid then you should choose this little hippo clock. Because its design is made according to the like of kids. It has all the features that are best for kids to teach them about the time of wake up and sleep. So, this clock is best to give as a gift.

(Is this clock effective)


Yes, this littlehippo clock is effective because of its features such as this clock is durable, beautiful, safe, and a trainer for kids. Its ratings are high than all other ok to wake alarm clocks.



Little Hippo mella gives you a satisfaction guarantee and if you are not satisfied then contact the customer support team.

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