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kids learning clock with soothing sounds and adjustable light

Lunar kids learning clock

(About This Item)


(Perfect clock)


kids learning clock is the best okay to wake clock. Luna’s okay wake clock is the perfect clock Because it has many features. It has a wake alarm, dimmable night light, timer options, a digital display, soothing sleep sounds, and many more. A featured thing is useful for everyone. So, this clock is useful for your kid. 

(Soothing sounds)


This kids clock learning beautiful clock for kids’ learning has 13 soothing sleep sounds. These sounds are brown noise, white noise, thunder, rain, firewood, ocean, fan sound, etc. These sounds will make your baby relax. You can use these sounds to make your baby sleep or make your baby busy with it when are busy. So, with its use, you can get some free time from your kid.

(kids learning clock with Mobile control)


You can control this teaching clock from your smart mobile by using Luna App. You can change the sound, night light, and other settings from anywhere whit Luna App. This clock for kids learning has a snooze function of 30 mins which you can set from your mobile. Even your kid will control it when he becomes 4 or 5 years old. Because the new generation is very fast to learn anything. its mobile control feature makes it very easy to use than other clocks. So, with the luna app, you can make its setting from anywhere.

(kids learning clock has a Beautiful design)


This clock learning for kids has a beautiful design that can impress kids easily. Its adjustable night light feature gives your kid a beautiful view. This childrens clock learning is a baby toy whose whole body is made to glow. The Luna clock is specially made for kids. It is made with Squishy and Soft BPA free silicone which is safe for kids and toddlers. It not has only one use to teach children about the time but it also has the feature of decoration and it can increase the decoration of any place. So, this clock is safe and impressive for you kid.

kids learning clock with soothing sounds

(kids learning clock is Easy to learn)


Your kid will easily learn about the time of sleep and wake up with this clock. This clock is a beautiful toy and your kid will become its friend. Its display shows the sleeping face at the time of sleep and shows the wake-up face at the time of waking up. So, your kid will learn about the facial expressions of this clock easily and he/she will sleep or wake up according to it.

(Best as a gift)


Often beautiful and useful things are used given as gifts not only for kids but also for adults. If you want to give a gift to a kid then you should choose this beautiful Luna learning clock. Because this children’s clock learning is a cute toy clock with amazing night light. This clock is impressive not only for kids but also for adults. Because of its beautiful shape, face and night light. So, this clock is best to give as a gift. 

Cute teaching clock for kids

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