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I·CODE Alarm Clock For kids

I-Code ok to wake up clock

(About This Item)


(Sleep Training Clock)


I·CODE Alarm Clock is a teaching alarm clock. This clock is specially designed for younger children and it is helpful for them you understand the concept of Time. This clock is like a beautiful toy that teaches your children when it is fine to get up and sleep. It is a trainer alarm clock, sleep timer, and night light. So, this clock with many features is best for your kid.

(Touch Sensitive Night Light)


It has 3 brightness levels and its colors can change automatically or you can fix a color that you want. It has the benefits sleep timer function that lets you fall to sleep with a night light for a specific time and then it turns off automatically. So, you can use it as you want.

(Multi-Functional Alarm Clock)


This manual icode sleep training alarm clock has 17 natural sounds, a snooze function, adjustable volume, a dimmable backlight, and a 12/24 hour format. This clock is the competitor of all big brand kid clocks. So, all its functions make this clock best than other ones.



It is the natural skill of younger age toddlers that they know the icons and understands that the sun means it’s time to wake up or sleep. The clock gently glows a moon during the night and children understand that it’s time to sleep. When this clock shows the sun then it means to get up. So, with this clock, your children will learn the important lesson of sleep and wake-up time.



Set sun icon on that time which you want to make your child wake up. With the passage of time kid will learn that he have to stay in the bed untill the sun icon is display. So, With the sun icon your kid will get up.

2.(Time to sleep)


Set moon icon on that time which you want to make your children to sleep. You child will learn that when the moon icon is display then ita means time to sleep. So, with moon icon your kid will go to sleep.

best I-code alarm clock

(I·CODE Alarm Clock is a SOUND MACHINE)


This clock is a sound machine that has a playlist of 17 high-quality soothing sounds. These sounds are Ocean, Thunder, Summer night, Rain, Cat, Frog, Cow, Sheep, Duck, etc. You can choose the auto-off timer feature or you can play the music the whole night continuously. So, you can choose any sound feature which you like.

(I·CODE Alarm Clock is Useful)


This clock is very useful to teach your children the discipls of sleep and wake-up time. People learn important lessons from their children such as eating, talking, walking, etc. So, you should teach an important lesson about sleep and wake-up time to your child with this training clock easily.

(I·CODE Alarm Clock is Best to give as gitf)


To give a gift to someone is the best way to show your love for him/her. If you want to give a gift to a child then you should choose this clock. Because this is a beautiful clock toy with teaching features. The kid will play with it and learn the important lesson of sleep and wake-up time. So, this clock is the best gift for a kid.


Best Learning clock for kids

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