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Dinosaur Alarm Clock with 17 soothing sounds

best Dinosaur Alarm Clock

(About This Clock)


(Kids Sleep Training Clock)


Dinosaur Alarm Clock Is specially made for kids to teach them about the best time to wake up and sleep. This clock helps children to understand when the time is best to sleep or wake up through its colors and facial expressions. Not more or less time sleep is best than a specific time. So, your kid will make it a habit to take a specific time of sleep with this dinosaur.

(Smart clock)


This dinosaur clock is a smart clock. It has the Nap Timer from 0 to 120 mins, child lock, snooze, light touch button, and setting preserved. Its huge clock display makes it easy to read for kids. So, this clock is useful for your kid. 

Dinosaur Alarm Clock With Night Light)


This dino clock has 9 colors of light and you can choose anyone as a wake-up light or night light. It has the 5 brightness white light and its face is dimmable. Other night clocks have too bright light at night. But you can dim the light of this clock. Its light can stay on all night or its light can turn off automatically after a period of time. So, you can choose any mode of light which you want.

(Sound Machine)


This dino clock is can work as a sound machine. This clock has 17 soothing sounds and these sounds are 10 natural sounds, 3 white noise, and 4 lullaby music. With these soothing sounds, your kid will sleep peacefully. You can play these sounds to make your children busy and happy. So, you can make your children happy with its soothing sounds.

(Dinosaur Alarm Clock with 1-Year Warranty)


Things without a warranty are more trustworthy than non-warranty things. Suppose you buy a non-warranty electric device for 10$ and it will destroy on the same day after 12 hours of buying it. It means you have lost 10$ and if you buy a warranty thing then you can change it. But this clock has a one-year service warranty. This has a smooth surface, soft silicon, and abs. This clock is approved by the RoHS, CE, and FCC. So, all its qualities show that this clock is beneficial for you.

Dinosaur Alarm Clock for kids

(Dinosaur Alarm Clock with Beautiful design)


Dinosaurs have a very dangerous look in their lives and in movies. But they are beautiful as toys and this dinosaur clock is a toy clock. Your children will not feel fear of this dino. Because this is beautiful and not dangerous like the real dinosaur. So, your kid will like it.

(Best to give as a gift) 


The way to show love to someone is to give a gift. Show your love for your or your relative’s kid by giving an animal clock. This clock is not just an animal clock but it also a teaching clock. With this clock, kids will learn about the time of sleep and wake-up and also about the dinosaur. So, this clock may prove the best gift for a kid.

Unicon Beautiful clock for kids

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