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wall clock for bedroom with silent movement and large size

best large clock for bedroom

(About This Item)


(Artistic feeling)


wall clock for bedroom with a beautiful design will give you the feeling of art. This handmade clock with 60 pieces of crystal and iron, an aluminum dial, and a needle. With exquisite cutting, this clock gets its beautiful shape. So, with this clock, your bedroom will look more beautiful.

(Easy to see)


This clock is easy to see because of its large size. Those people whose eye side is weak can see the time easily on this clock. So, this clock is best for decoration and easy to see the time.

(The Size Of Wall Clock)


 Its size is 60cm/23.62 inches in whole round diameter. Its size dial is 21 cm/8.26 inch. Please check its size before buying because it has a ±1-2cm/±0.4-0.8inch difference in its size. 

(Which size of the clock is best for the bedroom)


Which size of the clock is best for the bedroom is depend on the size of the wall. If the bedroom is small then the up to 12 inches size of the clock is best. Because this size gives the place on the wall to hang any other decorative piece. If the bedroom is big then you can hang up to 23 inches clock. Because the big clock looks good on the big wall. So, you can choose the size of the clock according to the size of the bedroom wall.

(wall clock for bedroom with Quartz movement)


The clocks that made the little tick-tock sound are not useful for the bedroom. Because that little sound is not irritating during the day time but it is irritating at night. In the bedroom, people want to get some rest but with that little irritating sound, they cannot get a proper peaceful sleep. That’s why quartz movement clocks are best to use in the bedroom and this clock is silent in its movement. This is the guarantee that this clock will not produce any little tick-tock sound. So, this clock is best to use in your bedroom.

large clock for bedroom

(wall clock for bedroom with Beautiful Design)


This clock has a Retro fashion style which makes it the best decorative clock for all places. Its design is decorative, not simple. You can hang it in your bedroom, living room, classroom, office, etc. So, it will make your beautiful place more decorative. 

(wall clock for bedroom is Best for a gift)


This beautiful design clock is best to give as a gift. Because it is very useful in all the places. It can catch the eye of the receiver easily. Everyone will say what a nice clock. This clock is best to give as a gift at a birthday, marriage ceremony, mother’s day, or any other occasion. So, you can buy this clock to give as a gift.

3d diy bedroom clock

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