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Large Mirrored Wall Clock with durable material for bedroom

best mirrored wall clock

(About This Item)


(Luxury Mirror Wall Clock)


Large Mirrored Wall Clock is a luxury clock. Because it is made by hand and wholly made with real mirrors. Its corners are made chamfered to prevent people from the mirror’s sharpness. Luxury things are often expensive but these things always catch the eye of the viewer. After seeing these things no one can stay without saying or thinking what a nice luxury thing.
It’s not the only word that this clock is a luxury clock but it is really a luxury thing. Its material is real, not fake. So, this clock is a luxury clock because of its real material.

(Ultra Quality)


The Roman numerals of this clock are made with 0.25 Inc wood. The numerals are cut by the laser in millimetric. Its mirrors are made with shatter-resistant tempered which makes this clock durable. The numerals are mounted on the 4 mm silver mirror. So, this clock is more durable than the simple ones.

(Silent mechanism) 


The first and most important feature of the bedroom clock is its silent movement. Because in the bedroom people want to take some sleep and if they hear a little tick-tock sound that is produced by the mechanism of old clocks. Then they cannot take proper sleep. The little tick-tock sound is not irritating in the daytime because there many other noises in the daytime. But at night everything becomes silent. But the mechanism of the clock that produces a little tick-tock sound cannot become silent and this sound becomes irritating. This mirror clock has a silent working mechanism which gives guarantee that this clock is really luxurious. Only branded clocks have silent mechanism features. So, this clock will not disturb you at night.

(Large Mirrored Wall Clock is Easy to hang)

This large wall mirror clock is very easy to hang on the wall instead of other large clocks. It has a hanging bracket on its back which you can use to hang it on the wall with the help of a screw or nail.

(Large Mirrored Wall Clock with Different sizes)


This clock is available in different sizes and these sizes are as follows.
19.7×19.7 Inches (50x50cm) 9 Lbs.
23.6×23.6 Inches (60x60cm) 13 Lbs.
27.5×27.5 Inches (70x70cm) 19 Lbs.
31.5×31.5 Inches (80x80cm) 24 Lbs.
35.5×35.5 Inches (90x90cm) 30 Lbs.

(Decoration of your home)


People make their homes in different designs to make them decorated. They often use many different decorative things to make their homes decorative form inside. The common thing which is used for the decoration of the place is a clock. A decorative clock is the best piece of decoration that is used by everyone in every place. People use clocks in their bedrooms, offices, classrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, etc. This large mirror clock is decorative in all respects. Its real material makes it the best decorative clock. So, you can use it for decoration.


Only branded things come with a guarantee and this clock comes with a 12-month guarantee. It is a durable clock because of its real high-quality materials. So, this clock is beneficial for you.

(Large Mirrored Wall Clock is best as a gift)

Stylish and useful things often use to give as a gift. This clock is a luxury stylish durable clock. This clock will impress the receiver. It will catch the eye of the viewer. Everyone will say what a nice clock. So, this clock is best to give as a gift.

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