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3d diy wall clock with frame less design

original 3d diy wall clock

(About This Item)




3d diy wall clock is a mounted wall clock. This clock has 3M adhesives 12 number. This clock is frame less which increases its decoration. Its style is 3d wall clock DIY. It looks beautiful on the wall. So, with it you can increase the beauty of the wall.

(Clocks are tested in the house)


All the umbra clocks are tested on the wall. There is a wall inside the factories of the Umbra clock brand where every single clock is hanging and tested. It has accurate timekeeping. This clock has the best features. So, this clock is useful.

(3d diy wall clock is Modern )


This clock is a unique and modern clock because of its Blink feature. The old clock’s style is just a design round shape. But this clock is not old and its design is not simple. In this modern era, everything is modern. Such as the homes, doors, walls, doors, and all other things are modern. So, the clock should be modern to match to your home’s modern walls. This clock will make your simple home wall decorative. So, this clock is useful for decoration.

(3d diy wall clock with Silent movement)


Old clocks produce a little tick-tock sound which is not irritating in the daytime. But that noise is irritating at night when all other things are silent. That noise is created by the old clock mechanism. But this modern 3d clock is silent and more decorative than the old clocks. Its silent movement makes it the best bedroom clock. So, it will not disturb you at night.

(3d diy wall clock is Easy to setup)


This clock is very easy to set up on the wall. Its metal indicators can mount to the wall easily because of their 3M baking. Clock mechanism with the Blink that mounts to the wall with a nail or screw. So, you will not face any difficulty while setup it up.

original design 3d diy wall clock

(3d diy wall clock is Original )


This clock has the original design which is made by the Umbra brand. Umbra brands use high-quality materials to make their products. That is why its products are useful and durable. So, buy this original clock and beware of the copycat clock-making company.



Umbra brand gives a refund offer to its customers. If you are not satisfied with this clock you can contact us within 30 days. So, the umbra brand management tries to solve the problem or issue a full refund. So, buy this clock without any hesitation.

(Best to give as a gift)


Often useful and beautiful things are given as a gift by the people. If you want to give a gift to someone then you should choose this clock. Because this clock is a 3d modern clock. This modern clock is replacing the fashion of old clocks. This clock will catch the eye of its receiver. This is a beautiful clock. So, you should choose this clock to give as a gift.

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