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Timex alarm clock with dual alarms and charger

best modern Timex alarm clock

(About this item)


(Dual Alarms)


Timex alarm clock has a dual alarm feature that allows you to customize your sleep routine. Often alarm clocks have just simple one alarm. But this clock has dual alarm features which can be used independently. It’s one alarm is for weekends and the other for weekdays. The dual alarm feature is the most useful feature in modern and technological alarm clocks. 

This type of feature increases the importance of the alarm clock. In the present era, everyone wants to buy that things who has more features and this clock has features. Some people think that only one alarm feature is best for their needs. But one alarm feature means you have to set your alarm every day. Now, if you have the weekend alarm feature then it means you just have to set alarm for once and it will work for Sunday to Monday. So, a dual alarm feature is useful.

(Timex alarm clock With charger)


If you buy this alarm clock then you have no need to buy a charger to charge your mobile device. Because this clock has 2 USB charging ports of 5W and 10W. You can use a 5W USB port to charge your smartphone and 10W to charge tablets and other devices like it. If you have a smartphone and a tablet then you have to buy different chargers for both. Because if you use one charger for both then it will affect the battery life of one of both. Now, if you buy this alarm clock then you not only buy an alarm clock but also buy 5W and 10W chargers. One another importance of this alarm clock with a charger is you will not face difficulty to find your charger.

(Get up softly)


If you use a simple and cheap alarm clock then you will wake up suddenly when the alarm is start. The sudden noise of the alarm clock is can make you shocked. But with this clock, you will get up easily without any difficulty. Its buzzer starts softly and then it becomes louder. So, with this clock, you will not hear a sudden loud noise. You can set its noise as soft or loud as you need. The loud noise is best for the heavy sleeper. So, if you are a heavy sleeper then use a loud noise mod otherwise use a soft noise mod.

(Automatic time setting)


You have no need to set a time on this clock. Because when you connect it with power then it displays the correct time. It means you don’t need to set its time manually. This feature is very useful because with this feature its time will not change by the shortage of electricity. Often the simple alarm clock’s time is disturbed because of a little electric shortage. Imagine that you set an alarm on the simple alarm clock at night. If there is a little shortage of electricity then the alarm time which you set will change and you will not wake up on time. So, this clock is best than the other ones. It works with 100V-240V universal AC adapter.

decorative Timex alarm clock for bedroom

(Timex alarm clock has Decorative design)


The design of things is decorative in this present era. But often decorative things do not have the best features. But this alarm clock has a decorative design and useful impressive features. Its design catches the eye of your guest. This clock is the best decorative piece for the bedroom. Often decorative pieces are just sho pieces without any use. So, use this alarm clock which has a decorative design and useful features.

(Timex alarm clock is Best gift)


The only useful and decorative thing should be given as a gift. You can give a decorative thing. But if it has no useful feature then it is just a decorative piece. That’s why this alarm clock is best to give as a gift. It has a decorative design and useful features which make this clock the best gift. So, choose this clock to give as a gift.

Alarm clock with bed shaker

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