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Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker

modern Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker

(About This Item)


(2 in 1)


Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker 2 in-1 alarm clock. If you want to get up silently or don’t want to disturb any other person with the sound of the alarm. Then you are on your destination page of the alarm clock. Because if want alarm noise then this clock has a buzzer, bird, or music alarm sound. If you don’t want alarm noise then this clock has the vibration to wake you up. You can use the bed shaker alarm function to get up in silence and without disturbance to your roommate. The mobile has a vibration feature but it cannot vibrate like this clock. Often alarm clocks have the noise and bed shaker clocks just have the vibration. But this clock has both features in it. It can vibrate and it can make alarm noise. So, you can choose any one or both features from it.

(Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker is Easy to use)


This clock is very easy to use. Because every button has a label on it. Which makes it easy to use which button is for what. There is no one button for two settings. As this clock is 2 in 1. So, some people may think that it is difficult to operate it. But it’s wrong. It is as easy to use as it is best in its functions. This clock has 2 alarm features which you can use separately or you can use both at once. These features are noise alarms and vibrations. It has the Snooze function which gives you 9 more minutes of sleep. So, this clock is easy to use with many features.

(Don’t use the snooze function)


People use alarm clocks to get up on time. So, they will not be late for college, university, and office. But if they use the snooze function which almost all alarm clocks have, then they cannot get up on time. Because of it, they may be late for college or the office. If you set the alarm clock to get up at 7 A.M and use your snooze function for 10 minutes. Then it means you get up at 7:10 A.M, not at 7 A.M. If it becomes your habit to use the snooze function then your wake-up time becomes 7:30 A.M from 7 A.M. See this you disturb your whole time routine by just using snooze feature again and again. So, the snooze function can disturb your time routine.

(Adjustable brightness)

No one like a bright light in the bedroom at night while sleeping. If the digital alarm clock has a bright light at night then no one like it to buy or after buying. This dual bed shaker alarm clock has the feature of adjustable brightness. You can adjust its brightness from 0 to 100% as you want. So, adjust the brightness as you want.

(Charge your device)


This alarm clock with bed shaker has 1 USB port which is located on its back. That USB port can charge your mobile device. So, if you buy this clock then you don’t need to buy a charger to charge your mobile device. It has a battery backup and with it, this clock works in the shortage of electricity. Its alarm and vibration can work on battery backup but the USB port will not charge your mobile device. So, this clock is useful.

(Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker is Modern)


This clock not only has a beautiful modern design but also has modern working features. Did you see this type of clock before now?
The answer is not. Because this clock is branded clock, not a cheap clock. It has many features which you can use as you want. Its design is very decorative and can use for bedroom decoration.

(Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker is best gift)


Often people use clocks to give as a gift. This alarm clock has a modern design and features. The receiver of this clock as a gift will like it. Its design and features are impressive. That’s why this clock is best to give as a gift.

Bed shaker alarm clock

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