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ok to wake clock best for kids to teach them about the time to wake and sleep

okay to wake clock

(About This Item)


(This clock is the Choice of Amazon)


ok to wake clock is not a simple clock. This is a modern clock. By this clock your child will learn that when it’s okay to get out of bed and wake up. This clock have 4 changing colcors. These colors make it very unique and colorful. This toddler clock is made to promote better sleep for your child.

Its new model of 2022 comes with a super sturdy DC port and adapter. This new ok to wake clock have a battery powered backup which save your settings in case of electricity outage.

(How ok to wake clock works)


This kids clock works with soft LED light color changing. its color change from red (Do not come out of bed) to yellow (soon-it’s almost time) to green, (yay we are all ready to begins the day!), according to your personal settings.

(The stay in bed light)


The red soft glow of light tells your child to know that is time to sleep. this light is optional. you can set it to turn on according to your personal needs and it stay on until yellow (soon) or green(wake-up). In the mode of the stay in bed light, there is a little moon icon that tells you and your child that is time to sleep.

(Time to wake up is coming)

The soft yellow light tells your child that time to wake up is near. this light is optional. this option can be turned off or on. This yellow light programmed for 20-minute duration before the green wake-up light comes on. At the time of day this function tells that it is almost time to wake up. So, You kid will learn about the time of wake up.

(Time to wake up)


The soft green glow of the wake-up light tells your child that it’s time to wake-up and get out of bed. This light will turn on at the time that you set previously and if it is not turned off, it will glow for 1 hour. So, This clock is best for your kid.

(ok to wake clock with Fast track in nap mode)


This clock have a fast track in the nap mode. This is your decision that how long you want remain red light on and start time countdown. The red light will remain on until the green light on automatically at the end of the nap countdown. There is no sound of alarm at the end of nap countdown. now you are welcome.

(Power of ok to wake clock)


This clock is work with power operated and it comes with a USB corp. This clock has an emergency battery backup in case of power outage (batteries are not included). So, This clock can work for 24 hours.

(Easy To teach) 


Kids learn everything easily if they have a toy. While playing with the toy kids learn the basic lesson. With the Okay to Wake clock your kid learns easily the discipline of sleep and getting up on time. So, Tech to your baby easily with this clock.

(Ok to wake clock is best for your kid)


Don’t make your kid stone heart. You can force your baby to get up on time and sleep on time. But Because of your rude behavior, your kid becomes a stone heart. So, Teach your baby with Okay to wake clock.

(This clock is best to give as a gift)


babies like to play with a toy and if the toy is the best way to teach babies then that toy is best to give as a gift. You can give this okay-to-wake alarm clock to the kid of your family member, relative, or friend. Kids take this as a toy and learn about the important lesson of wake-up and sleep time. So, this is best to give as a gift.

Beautiful clock for kids

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